Frances Lu

In January 2024, I joined the Research, Automation and Data Division at the California Department of Social Services to manage social program data for program implementation and research. I received my Ph.D. in Economics at the University of California, San Diego in 2024. 

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Intergenerational Persistence in Child Mortality (with Tom Vogl). American Economic Review: Insights (March 2023). NBER Working Paper 29810

Featured on: VoxDevTalks podcast

Marriage outcomes of displaced women (with Prashant Bharadwaj and Sameem Siddiqui). Journal of Development Economics (September 2021). 

Featured on: VoxDev; Ideas for India 

Works In Progress

Intergenerational Persistence of Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from African Women (with Camila Navajas-Ahumada)

Awarded: NBER Gender in the Economy Dissertation Fellowship Runner-up 

Land inequality and rural structural transformation: Evidence from India (with Harrison Mitchell and Manaswini Rao)

Data collection funded by: Structural Transformation and Economic Growth Ph.D. Grant (£15,000)